What's nutritious AND delicious? Orange fruits and vegetables! Here's our foolproof guide to serving them to babies and children of all ages!

Start with Old Favourites

They're standbys for a reason. Carrots, squash and sweet potatoes pack nutrients like beta-carotene, vitamin A and potassium into every bite. Plus, because they're naturally sweet, they tend to get rave reviews all 'round.

Next, Use them as a Base

Once your little one's tried plain orange veggies, either as a puree or soft steamed batons, try adding a bit of spice - like a small dash of cumin, cinnamon or oregano to expand your baby's palette. Or mash in with some iron-rich red lentils to boost vitamin power! You can also use it as a 'bridge' to introducing new foods - mash sweet potato in with some kale the day before introducing kale on its own, to ease your baby into the new and unfamiliar flavour.

Don't Forget the Finger Foods

The best balance when weaning is to offer a mixture of purees and finger foods. This ensures your baby gets the widest variety of tastes and textures whilst continuing to develop crucial developmental skills.

When offering your baby pureed carrots, offer steamed or roasted carrot batons for them to handle themselves. This will satisfy their curiosity and foster their growing sense of independence - leading to confidence around food.

Think Outside the Box

There's more to orange veg than carrots, squash and sweet potatoes. Orange peppers are lovely as steamed finger food. Golden beets can be baked like chips. A spoonful of pureed pumpkin can be stirred into morning porridge for an extra vitamin and flavour boost.

Stick with these flavourful and healthy options - even once your little one has outgrown 'baby food'!

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